Hawaii Companies harvesting deep ocean sea water

1.  Koyo Ma Ha Lo deep sea drinking water: In 2001, Koyo was the first company that heard the news about the 2000 feet pipeline of Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA). This pipeline was supposed to be wasted when the project of NELHA failed after the experimental stage. Koyo saw the opportunity of the pipeline because Koyo was also in the business of harvesting deep ocean water from the pacific, 600 feet below. While the opportunity was there, Koyo was quick to invest in an exclusive bottled water processing plant in NELHA. The lease was made by Koyo with NELHA. On the first year of the production, Koyo incurred $20 million in costs (2002) but the profits were already in the roll to be reported.

2. Savers Holdings Ltd. - This company is based in Korea where its processing plant is in NELHA. This company leases the facility of NELHA to produce food and beverage products. These products include the bottled water, bottled by its state of the art bottling plant, which is due to be completed in the spring of 2008.

3. DSH International, Inc. - This company mainly supplies deep sea water harvested 2000 feet into the ocean. The container ships that this company handles carry the harvested desalinized sea water to be delivered to the other countries that require the product. Instead of leasing the facilities in NELHA, this company utilizes container ships that hold 20,000 liters of water per container. The water contained within the container will be delivered internationally.

Who can drink deep ocean water?

Generally, most people can drink the deep ocean water. Although there may be some limitations to drinking Deep Ocean water like allergies and other complications that result from the dosages intake from the minerals found within the deep ocean drinking water. In most cases, there had not been a recorded complication from drinking the deep ocean water. Moreover, this drinking water is more on the healthy side rather than just plain beverage. This has been a proven technology and was approved by the Food and Drugs Administration.

The very young like the new born baby should not drink the water since the water’s contents may probably harm the baby in some ways.

What are the uses of the deep sea water?

Commonly, the ocean water is observed in the shores where people bathe under the heat of the sun or during night time. The alternative use of the ocean water have not been thought to be used for drinking until it was discovered that deep ocean water can be used for commercial uses. It only needs to be desalinized to have a significant use for the industry. Currently, there have been discovered uses of the deep ocean waters: Learn More About What are the uses of the deep sea water? >>>

What are the minerals found within the deep ocean drinking water?

Metals which are found within the deep ocean drinking water along with the other minerals are not harmful to the body; instead, they benefit the body with good health. The following will be the minerals found within the deep ocean drinking water.

Generally, the benefits found within the minerals of the deep sea water have been known to regulate blood pressure. The drinking of the deep ocean water will not only supply the body with water and minerals but will also benefit the body with good heath through the regulation of blood pressure. Learn More About What are the minerals found within the deep ocean drinking water? >>>

How do you then get the water from the deep ocean?

Everything in this world that is made by man had gone through complications. Even the discovery of the simplest wheel in the earliest times of man’s evolution had gone the most difficult of thinking. Retrieving the water from the deep ocean is as easy as counting from one to three but it includes a lot of processes that has to be followed. Following these processes involves the use of the complicated machines like motors, ships, and factories. These processes have to be in proper order to successfully harvest the precious resource. On the other hand when the processes are done in a manner just to get the water, not observing the possible threat to the natural environment, it will then become the exploitation of the natural resources where there is the disregard of health of the environment being explored. Learn More About How do you then get the water from the deep ocean? >>>

Why get water from the sea?

Since the time of the advancements of man, all of the resources or the natural environment that the Earth has to offer us are depleting in great numbers. The human has to be resourceful to continue to provide himself. The fresh water around the world is quickly depleting. To solve this problem, sourcing fresh water from some other places will be quite difficult. To overcome the difficulty in looking for a fresh water source, the only way is to look for an area where water is the most abundant. The most abundant source of water is the ocean where covers as 75% of the earth’s surface. But now, there is a problem of how to desalinize the water. There are several ways to desalinize water, all of which to desalinize water will be impractical for the modern world’s increasing use of fresh water. To obtain fresh water for use in the scale of today’s advanced usage of water. Learn More About Why get water from the sea? >>>

History of the Bottled Deep Ocean Water

Before Hawaii became an exporting giant of deep ocean water, it had undergone the effects of the Arab oil embargo in 1974. To counter the effects of the embargo, Hawaii built a Natural Energy Laboratory near the Leeward shore in the big island to research the energy created when combining hot and cold water. The research was derived from Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval in the 1880’s. The state had hoped to harness the steam by combining the cold deep water with the surface water to generate the steam, which will power the turbines of the power plant like that of a geothermal power plant. Unfortunately, the project was short lived in its early stages when it failed to produce substantial results. Learn More About History of the Bottled Deep Ocean Water >>>

Hawaii Deep Sea Water

The Earth is consisted of 75% water, which most of the 75% is salty water located in the ocean. This water became salty due to the release of the soil’s or land’s salts, which are in a form of rock crystals found within the various areas of the land. These salts interact with the ocean to mix and form the salty waters of the ocean. Although animals and some sea creatures thrive within the deep sea, the water that has been surrounding the lands cannot be drank conventionally the same as the fresh water. A lot of industries have already been benefitting from what the sea/ocean water could offer. Now, the sea water can be drunk the same way as the fresh water but it needs to be desalinized to remove the salt within the water. Learn More About Hawaii Deep Sea Water >>>

What Makes Hawaii Deep Sea Bottled Water So Popular

As the demand for bottled water and purified seawater only continues to grow, companies all over the world are trying to jump on the bandwagon. They spend thousands and millions, even more trying to develop the ultimate product that will lead them to the forefront of the desalinated deep seawater industry. As fate would have it, all the expensive R&D around, nature would seem to be the best invention to rely upon.

The deep sea drinking water that comes from off the Hawaii shores is typically gathered, processed, and bottled right in Kona. Kona is known for the waters off the coasts between one and five thousand feet below the surface belonging to the Global Conveyor Belt. There are a few choices places near any shore that can lay claim to being close to the Global Conveyor Belt, and this is part of what makes the water from Hawaii so choice. This water comes from glaciers that melted long ago, near the end of the ice age. The water sank thousands of feet below the surface and came into a current that traveled around the world at a very slow pace. Along the way, water picked up several minerals and nutrients from underwater volcanoes and vents. The extreme depth and strength of the current kept the chemicals and pollutants that effect so much surface water away from the deep seawater selected for desalinization and bottling off the shores of Hawaii. Learn More About What Makes Hawaii Deep Sea Bottled Water So Popular >>>

Hawaii Deep Seawater Bottled Water By Savers Holdings LTD.

Savers Holdings LTD. Is a multi-national company, with its sales and administrative offices located in Korea and its manufacturing base here in Kona, Hawaii. One of the five companies to have permission to use the NELHA (National Energy Laboratory Hawaii Authority) label “100% Hawaii Deep Seawater,” Savers Holdings LTD. produces a variety of products with the desalinated deep seawater of Hawaii as the base. The water drawn for the desalinization process by Savers Holdings is naturally rich in minerals. This is because the water Savers Holdings uses comes from the Global Conveyor Belt with water that melted from glaciers thousands of years ago, at the end of the last ice age. The Global Conveyor Belt travels around the world, keeping the water at low depths and by a variety of underwater volcanoes and vents. This makes the water selected for the desalinating process ideal for health reasons, with both the lack of chemicals and pollutants and natural healthy additives.
Learn More About Hawaii Deep Seawater Bottled Water By Savers Holdings LTD. >>>